Weddings are the most important moments of people’s lives. A unique day that remains stuck in the mind of the celebrated and whose details will be in the center of their conversations for the rest of their lives.

Elodea thus becomes an integral part of this unforgettable moment in people’s memory. The goal of the singer-songwriter from Brescia is to move people with her music and give positive feelings of strength, thanks to the power of her voice. Its flexibility allows her to satisfy the musical tastes of people, never forgetting that marriage puts the married couple at the center. Elodea satisfies the requests of her customers, performing both as a single singer and with a band of musicians such as: a guitarist, a keyboard player, a male voice, a drummer and a bass player. On request, the band widens by entering figures that make it an even more magical performance by the singer who increases her performance thanks to instruments such as violin, harp and piano.

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